Saturday Assistant
Only those interested in a career in hairdressing are offered a placement at Hair-Haus. Working alongside our team of assistants each Saturday, occasional evenings and school holidays, they are trained in customer and salon care, then progressing to the art of shampooing and head massage at a later date. Those who show particular aptitude and drive may be offered a place in the salon training programme on completion of school.
Trainee Assistant
No previous experience required for this role, however experience working within a salon environment would be beneficial. As an apprentice you will be fully trained inhouse in all aspects of hairdressing skills resulting in NVQ levels 1, 2 and 3. Our trainees have gone on to become successful team members winning numerous awards within the industry. If you show hard work and dedication this could be you.
This candidiate should have completed their training programes and achieved a high level of expertise. They will then join our team of stylists in preparation for Senior Stylist.
Senior Stylist
Senior Stylist should have reached a level of expertise and professionalism in all aspects of hairdressing, aswell as showing a proven track record in retails sales. The Senior Stylist will work within our creative team alongside the Principal Stylist and Style Director showing enthusiasm when taking part in Seminars and cutting courses, and of course giving 110% customer care.
Style Director
This professional has already proved their inspirational talents and have experience of performing this role within a reputable salon. The skills involved are working hard to promote themselves and the salon within the industry, be confident with retail. In this position you set an example to the rest of the team to aspire to.
Creative Director
This position requires experience and expertise within the salon and industry. As the Style Director your performance will be 110% at all times, and you will create styles that inspire and stimulate the team. Your retail sales will reflect your senior postion.
Salon Manager
The Salon Manager will have responsibilities in a number of key areas including admin, inhouse training, reception and PA to the salon owner. The applicant should have experience of working within a managerial role, and working within a salon environment would be beneficial.
Receptionist Front of House
The salon receptionist is a vital member of the team. They should have a background in customer care and have computer skills. Admin work and cashier duties run alongside this role, and ensuring a smooth and stress free environment for every client that visits the salon.

To apply for any of our positions please attach your CV and Covering Letter to